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Mercedes AMG split rim wheel refurbishment

You just got to love the old Mercedes SL.. such a classic, well designed convertible for its time, with nice lines and great build quality. The AMG models came with a 3 piece split rim on them as an option, quite rare to find one still supporting a set of these wheels but there is an odd few out there. We were fortunate enough to work on another set of these AMG split rim wheels for an SL, which had come in for a full refurbishment. The wheels were in quite a state when they arrived.

The lacquer on the lips had lifted totally on some sections, there was also kerb damage to lips, the bolts were worn and discoloured, the centres and barrels of the wheels had paint flaking and bubbling. Basically the wheels needed a full refurbishment. The wheels were first taken apart and split into the 3 pieces by removing the split rim bolts, the centres were then stripped and acid dipped, then prepped ready for powder coat and lacquer. The lips were stripped of the lacquer, then linished and the kerbing removed, before they went through the different stages of polishing to get our mirror finish. New chrome plated bolts were also ordered for the wheels. Once all the sections of the wheels were finished, we rebuilt and sealed the wheels. They don't even look like the same wheels anymore. If you have any enquiries for split rims please contact us here


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