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Amg Split rim wheel refurbishment with polished lips, gold bolts and gunmetal grey centres by pureklas

Our split rim wheel refurbishment service caters for both two and three piece split rim wheels. Various finishes are available, to fit your requirements.  Have a look at our blogs for previous examples.

Chrome plated Audi wheel
Rose gold copper plated bbs rs wheel by pureklas
24ct gold plated lamborghini murcielago engine by pureklas
BBS RS 3 piece split rims ceramic polished by pureklas

Ceramic Polishing

Would you like that overall polished look for your wheels, look no further.  We offer ceramic polishing for all types of single piece wheels and split rim wheels.  The wheels are chemically stripped and prepped before they are polished both inside and  outside. 

Chrome Plating

Is it time to restore your classic car you have sitting in the garage?  Do the bumpers and other chrome work look like they have seen better days?  We can bring it back to life for you, from trims, engine components, brackets, to bumpers, motorcycle parts and scooters.  We can also chrome plate in house components and display pieces. 

Copper Plating

We have two types of copper finishes that we offer, depending on the desired look that you are going for.  Are you looking for the highly polished light rose gold appearance, or would you like the dark tough patina look of used copper, we can help you with either one.  The darker look is great on wheels, bumpers and engine components.  Fill in the form or give us a call for your copper plating needs.

24ct Gold Plating

Are you looking for something different?  Is your supercar just another supercar, it no longer stands out in a crowd? Do you want to make a statement where ever you go?  We have created the first 24 ct Lamborghini Murcielago engine bay in the world and the first 24 ct Lamborghini Huracan twin turbo.  Speak to us about our 24 ct Gold Plating service to transform your vehicle and be unique.

Split Rim Wheel Refurbishment

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