Just at the beginning of the car show season calendar we were given a set of 3 piece Work equip 03 wheels, 3 piece split rim.  The customer wanted them split and fully polished including the spokes on the centres, and then rebuilt and sealed.

The wheels arrived and were not too bad at all, there was virtually no kerb damage to the wheels at all, but the metal was very dull and just looked like bare metal, that not had anything done with it.  This is due to the oxidisation and our roads, over the years, well the new owner of the wheels, is a bit of a perfectionist, so he knew exactly the finish he wanted and the look the wanted to go for.   So the work began on splitting the wheels, and cleaning up the bolts.

The next step was to strip the lacquer from the faces and then the polishing could begin.  The most difficult part on these wheels was splitting and building them, but they came out looking great, better than factory and suited the Polo they were going on to, perfectly.

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