RH ZW1 split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

These RH ZW1 split rim wheels arrived with extra lips. as the owner had some wider lips.  However the new ones looked like they had been stripped and blasted, making the polishing more difficult, to get a smooth surface.  The centres were in a Matt black type of finish, almost textured like a crackle finish.  […]

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BMW BBS wheel refurbishment

If you hav been following the last couple of blogs, you will have read that our customer had 3 sets of wheels to refurbish, well the last set was a one piece BBS wheel, in 16 inch.

These were in good condition, however, the owner wanted them wet painted in a certain paint code, not powder […]

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BMW style 5, BBS 090 091 split rim full refurb

If you saw the last post, you will have read about the silver style 5s that the customer wanted, well the second set was to be in noguara grey.  The same as the previous set, they were just being painted in a different colour, we will let the pictures tell the story.

























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AMG Wheel polished

We were sent a single AMG wheel by a customer the other day, as he wanted to have a spare wheel that matched the others, so we stripped the wheels and polished it to a mirror finish.

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TVR wheels Mirror polished

An owner of a TVR came to us, wanting to restore the look of the car, to its former glory.  The wheels were a cross spoke design and were looking dull now, over the years.  We mirror polished the faces of the spokes and the lips and i’m sure you will agree, they really do […]

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BBS RX Polished for Seat Ibiza

We had a customer send us some BBS RX wheels.  Alex was sure he wanted the faces of the wheels polished, leaving the rest of the wheel in its original dark gunmetal paint finish.  Personally, we thought it might not work as there was no definate line to polish upto, however Alex was sure what […]

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Mercedes AMG Split Rim wheels refubished

We had a gentleman come to us with some Mercedes 3 piece AMG split rims he had bought for a project 560 SEC.  Unfortunately, he had an identical set which was stolen just weeks earlier, so he managed to locate this set, which was in quite a tired state.  The centres were black and worn, […]

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Brock B2 wheels, polished dishes for VW Golf MK3

A friend wanted something different with his wheels.  He runs a VW club called Dubclub, and has a VW Golf mk3 Gti.  The brocks were picked up for the car and were in standard finish, with diamond turned lips and painted centres.  They are 9 x 16s all round on this car.  He called me […]

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Audi diamond turned winter wheels, mirror polished

A set of Audi winter wheels arrived  in quite good condition, there was no kerbing or damage, pictures they are in very good condition.   The owner wanted these looking better than standard though, so opted for the polished finish.

We stripped the lacquer from the face and polished them to a mirror finish.

We currently have […]

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BMW 328i split rims BBS Rc 041 alloy wheel refurbishment

We had another set of BBS rc 041 arrive, they are the wheels found on the e36 BMW 328i sport.

The lips were quite damaged so needed some work, which consisted of removing the damage, and lacquer, then polishing them to a mirror finish.  The centres were also in quite a state, these were stripped, blasted […]

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