Audi Q7 on 22 inch ABT wheels refurbished and Mirror Polished.

A regular customer of ours had just bought an Audi Q7, and soon after found a set of wheels he wanted for it.  They are 22 inch 5 spokes made by ABT.  He had these wheels polished, before, but was not happy with the standard they were polished to, so wnated them polished by ourselves, […]

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Pureklas at the Westside VW show 2010

Most of you that follow the VW show scene, will most definately heard of the vw club, know as Westside.  Probably the oldest and original VW club of enthusiasts, building the most mind blowing VWs back in the day you would have ever seen.  They used to arrive at shows in a convoy, running polished […]

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