Old Skool Vw Golf Otteinger wheels mirror polished.

Here some Otteinger wheels that some one was running on their Mazda Mx5, people who know their old skool Vws will recognise the name, and the wheel.  These were in a state, as you would expect from a wheel of this age, so we polished them up, unfortunately i can not find any before pictures.

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VW Golf Rallye with chrome powder coat BBS RS split rims

If you saw our last blog, with chrome powder coated centres and polished lips and centre nuts.  Well its not often we get to see the finished product on the car itself,  Paul, was kind enough to send us some pictures of the wheels on his absolutely mint, VW Golf Rallye.  enjoy….

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Audi A8 wheels on an A3, faces mirror polished.

We recently had some 20 inch Audi a8 wheels come in for polishing.  The plan was to either polish the whole wheel or just the faces of the spokes.  As the painted sections were not too bad, the decision was made to have the faces polished off the spokes, which were already in a diamond […]

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Porsche Twists refurbished for Vw Bora

A good friend of mine and regular customer was intouch recently for a job on his new wheels.  Bally had managed to find some Porsche twists for his daily driver.  The car is slammed, like all his cars, and this is no different.  The wheels were kerbed and damaged, some were quite severe.  Three of […]

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Mercedes MAE wheels refurbished and polished.

For all those Mercedes lovers out there, you will all be familiar with MAE wheels, one of the original mercedes after market wheels.  Along side Carlsson and Lorinser, the MAE has always been a wheel that could be recognised among others, with their unique styling.  Personally i always thought you can’t beat an MAE wheels […]

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Brock B2 wheels, polished dishes for VW Golf MK3

A friend wanted something different with his wheels.  He runs a VW club called Dubclub, and has a VW Golf mk3 Gti.  The brocks were picked up for the car and were in standard finish, with diamond turned lips and painted centres.  They are 9 x 16s all round on this car.  He called me […]

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BBS Super RS 5 x 114 split rims alloy wheel refurbishment

A customer bought a set of BBS split rim wheels for his MK5 Volkswagen Golf , they were Super RS wheels in japanese stud pattern 5 x 114.3.  The wheels on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, and the bolts looked like they had hit […]

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Volksracing 2 piece split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

These volksracing wheels arrived for a full refurbishment.  It is a two piece wheel, so the first job was to split the centres from the rest of the wheel.  The dishes were very pitted and dull on the wheels, due to neglect over time, and weather conditions.  We polished the dishes to a mirror finish, […]

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Porsche Teledial alloy wheel refurbishment

We had these classic Porsche wheels come in, the teledials as they are known  Apart from a few nicks, they were in good condition, and were finished in original silver.  We stripped the metal centre caps and the paint from the rest of the wheel, and mirror polished these, hope you like the result.

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Chrome Powder coat now available

We have had a call from our customers for chrome powder coat and other different finishes recently, so we are happy to announce we now have chrome powder coat, and the gloss bronze people have been asking for, in stock.

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