BBS Super RS 5 x 114 split rims alloy wheel refurbishment

A customer bought a set of BBS split rim wheels for his MK5 Volkswagen Golf , they were Super RS wheels in japanese stud pattern 5 x 114.3.  The wheels on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, and the bolts looked like they had hit […]

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Porsche 997 wheels refurbished

We had a set of  Porsche 997 style wheels arrive, wow, those rears are WIDE!!!  The lacquer had began to lift, like all diamond cut wheels. The wheels needed to be refurbished and then mirror polished. There was no real kerb damage, but once the lacquer begins lifting on wheels it looks awful, and detracts […]

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Volksracing 2 piece split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

These volksracing wheels arrived for a full refurbishment.  It is a two piece wheel, so the first job was to split the centres from the rest of the wheel.  The dishes were very pitted and dull on the wheels, due to neglect over time, and weather conditions.  We polished the dishes to a mirror finish, […]

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Chrome Powder coat now available

We have had a call from our customers for chrome powder coat and other different finishes recently, so we are happy to announce we now have chrome powder coat, and the gloss bronze people have been asking for, in stock.

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Two Piece Split rim, special offer !!! From just £200

If you own a set of 2 split rims that have 20 bolts or less, we will split the wheels apart and carry out repairs to kerbing on the dishes and polish them to a mirror finish, seal the finish using wheel sealent and then rebuild the wheels from £200 for the set of 4.

If […]

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BBS RX 2 split rims for VW Golf MK3.

A common problem with the BBS RX 2 wheel, usually seen on the Polo gti, and Golf mk3 Anniversary, is that the lacquer on these wheels always tends to crack, and peel, with a spiderweb effect, as seen on most diamond cut lips.  This set was no exception, so we began by splitting the centres […]

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Porsche 911 Silver Rose wheels polished

We had a set of these lovely Porsche silver rose wheels arrive, they were well looked after, had slight kerbing on one, and apart from that they had been previously polished and just been neglected for a while so needed repolishing, to bring them back to their former glory.  That is what we did, first […]

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Audi RS6 style wheels fully refurbished

This set of Audi RS6 wheels were on a Volkswagen Golf Mk4, and looked like they had been through a few wars with kerbs.  There was alot of kerb damage present, and one of the wheels had hit a pot hole at speed and was slightly bent.  The task for these was to straighten the […]

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Kerscher Split Rims full alloy wheel refurbishment, from scrap to show wheels.

A customer bought a set of Kerscher split rim wheels, which on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, but these were the good bits.  The barrels and the dishes, in total, on a set of 4 wheels, we discovered 9 bends, buckles, dings, what ever […]

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Saving on your Car Insurance

Insuring your vehicle can be an expensive process, especially with premiums on the rise as insurance companies fight against the ever increasing number of fraudulent claims. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your insurance so that you end up with a policy that will […]

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