Various Wheels Forsale !!! BBS, Mercedes and Bmw

We have a few wheels for sale.

If you are interested in any of the sets below or would like to send an offer, please just drop us an email via the website.

Details for the wheels are as follows.

Set 1

BBS VZ029 8×18 ET37 5x112pcd cross spoke alloy wheels. Finished in sparkle silver powdercoat, not used since […]

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Greg Howells show winning VW Mk4 Golf

Some of you might remember the Green Mk1 TDi golf from ultimate dubs, that we blogged a few weeks back. We have been working with the owner Greg Howell for some time now, on a number of a projects, one specifically that you may recognise, his stunning Mk4 volkswagen golf 20v on Air ride. Greg […]

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Porsche Eta Krone Split rims refurbished

This particular set of wheels had its dishes refurbished and polished by ourselves previously, the wheels had now changed hands and the new owner decided to just run them as they were through all weathers, and with the snow and pot holes we had, it wasn’t the ideal wheel to be running in such conditions.  […]

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Alloy Wheel Dishes polished for Mk1 Golf Show Car

Had some dishes delivered by Greg Howell from Southam Bodies, the creator of some fine show cars.  These were for his own project, a Mk1 Golf with tdi lump, which he was aiming to have ready for the Ultimate Dubs show, in Telford.  He had a little special request, that they be polished over the […]

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Preferred Products for aftercare of Polished Components and wheels

We get this question quite frequently.. what is the best product to use on polished wheels or components.

With metal polish it depends what you feel comfortable working with as some are more difficult than others to remove, so i have just compiled a quick list of what we have worked with and would say, its […]

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Porsche 911 Strosek wheels for an Audi TT

We were provided with these strosek wheels by a regular customer, and well i just wanted to hang on to them.  Such a lovely wheel, designed as an aftermarket wheel for Porsche by Strosek.  It is a very odd, 2 piece split rim, yes it is actually a split rim.  The bolts are cleverly fitted […]

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VW Golf Mk3 Vr6 Convertible

A gentleman from Surrey drove to Coventry to drop off a set of wheels to us, for a ful l alloy wheel refurbishment.  He was the proud owner of a baby blue vw golf conve rtible, which had a vr6 engine conversion and beautiful leather ret rim. The wheels were 2 piece BBS splits rims […]

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