Audi RS4 Alloy wheel refurbishment, powder coated sparkle silver.

Audi RS4s, don’t you just love them?? What a beast of a car… well we had these kerbed RS4 wheel that just required freshening up, so we removed the damage from the wheels, stripped them of the original finish, and then powder coated them in a sparkle silver.  Unfortunately i can’t find the pictures of […]

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Audi A3 on S5 wheels refurbished in Gunmetal

A good friend and customer Chris came to me for something different on his Audi S5 wheels, the plan was to have them powder coated.  Initial idea was black as they were just going to be his winter wheels, as we had just finished a set of speedline split rims for him in gloss black […]

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Audi RS6 style wheels fully refurbished

This set of Audi RS6 wheels were on a Volkswagen Golf Mk4, and looked like they had been through a few wars with kerbs.  There was alot of kerb damage present, and one of the wheels had hit a pot hole at speed and was slightly bent.  The task for these was to straighten the […]

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