Mazda 6 wheels, refurbished and mirror polished.

The mazda 6 is not a very a common car on our roads, quite a nice car though..  we had a set of wheels arrive,  that were kerbed and damaged from a Mazda 6 and the request was to polish them.   We were quite surprised on just how good these look once polished.  See for […]

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BMW m3 e46 wheel refurbishment, exchange service

Are your BMW m3 wheels looking worn, letting the car down.  Do you have lacquer peel that they all suffer from?  Well got to this link as we can help:

BMW M3 wheel refurbishment exchange service.

Don’t allow your wheels to bring the value of your car down, whether its for yourself or for sale??  Get it looking how it should, we […]

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Porsche 911 wheels refurbished in Gloss Black, For Sale

We recently had a set of Porsche twists come in , slight difference fromt hes straight leg twists.  They were in excellent condition and had a few places that were sanded back but this all meant minimum prep work from ourselves.  They were a dull black when they arrived, like a matt black, and the […]

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Audi A8 wheels on an A3, faces mirror polished.

We recently had some 20 inch Audi a8 wheels come in for polishing.  The plan was to either polish the whole wheel or just the faces of the spokes.  As the painted sections were not too bad, the decision was made to have the faces polished off the spokes, which were already in a diamond […]

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Porsche Twists refurbished for Vw Bora

A good friend of mine and regular customer was intouch recently for a job on his new wheels.  Bally had managed to find some Porsche twists for his daily driver.  The car is slammed, like all his cars, and this is no different.  The wheels were kerbed and damaged, some were quite severe.  Three of […]

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BBS LM Split Rims for BMW M Coupe

We recently had some extremely wide BBS LMs booked in.  They were showing there age, with the usual lacquer peel, some kerb damage, the finish was quite dull, and the standard silver centres were also looking like they could do with a freshen up.

The owner wanted something different from standard, however , did not want […]

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We had a customer off to the edition 38 show and while passing by he wanted to drop some BBS RC wheels he had bought for his BMW.  The wheels were badly kerbed and in quite a state.  They were first linished and the kerbing all removed, they were then stripped, blasted and powder coated […]

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Audi RS6 replica wheels. with something different.

The owner of these wheels bouht a new set of Audi RS6 replica wheels and wanted something different with them.  We were asked if we could maintain the rest of the wheel, in its original high silver Audi paint, but take back the paint off just the face of the wheels and polish the tops […]

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BMW e46 M3 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

If you followed the last blog with the e36 m3 wheels you will know a little about these e46 m3 wheels. also bought down by Harry and V, these were kerbed and the lacquer was flaking, so the decision was to have them Mirror polished.  We there for stripped the lacquer from the face, and […]

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Toyota Supra Axis 19 inch wheel refurbished

A good friend of mine had his wheels polished by us before, but decided not to look after them, so they were now ready to be repolished.  The wheels are 19 inch made by Axis, and look really nice on his Supra.  Well by the looks of things they hadn’t been washed for a good […]

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