BBS RX 2 split rims for VW Golf MK3.

A common problem with the BBS RX 2 wheel, usually seen on the Polo gti, and Golf mk3 Anniversary, is that the lacquer on these wheels always tends to crack, and peel, with a spiderweb effect, as seen on most diamond cut lips.  This set was no exception, so we began by splitting the centres […]

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Porsche 911 Silver Rose wheels polished

We had a set of these lovely Porsche silver rose wheels arrive, they were well looked after, had slight kerbing on one, and apart from that they had been previously polished and just been neglected for a while so needed repolishing, to bring them back to their former glory.  That is what we did, first […]

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Audi RS6 style wheels fully refurbished

This set of Audi RS6 wheels were on a Volkswagen Golf Mk4, and looked like they had been through a few wars with kerbs.  There was alot of kerb damage present, and one of the wheels had hit a pot hole at speed and was slightly bent.  The task for these was to straighten the […]

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Welcome to our Customers new website, Greg Howell

A regular customer and friend of mine, Greg Howell has just launched a new website, so we wanted to share this with our customers.  Some of you may be familiar with Gregs work and what he does.  He’s recognised for his work on a number of show cars in the UK, as one of the […]

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Kerscher Split Rims full alloy wheel refurbishment, from scrap to show wheels.

A customer bought a set of Kerscher split rim wheels, which on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, but these were the good bits.  The barrels and the dishes, in total, on a set of 4 wheels, we discovered 9 bends, buckles, dings, what ever […]

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Wheel repair and refurbishment offer, ends 15th December 2010

We seem to have the cold and snow come early this year, that mean slippery road surfaces and damaged wheels.  Well if you have had an incident where you have cracked or kerbed a wheel, there is no need to worry, contact us at Pureklas and we will repair your wheels back to their former […]

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Rial Daytona Split Rim wheels refurbished for sale £1095

Here i have for sale a set of 4 alloy wheels.

They are 2 Piece split rim wheels, Rial Daytonas, very similar to the very expensive, BBS LMs.

They are 5 x 120 BMW fitment

front wheels are 8.5 x 18 , et 14
rear wheels are 9.5 x 18, et 17

These wheels have been freshly powder coated in […]

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Christmas Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Special Offer !!!

If you do not already know, we have a special offer on if you book your wheels for a refurbishment with us before christmas 2010.  You will receive 15% off the quoted price.  Please state that you would like to take advantage of the 15% offer so therefore would like to book before Christmas.

Offer applies […]

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Ace Cafe, November 13th, don’t miss it !!

Don’t miss the Ace cafe meet, this coming Saturday.. all details can be found here


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BMW Z3 BBS Split rim Wheels refurbished, polished & powder coated

BBS wheels seem to be a popular choice for manufacturers now, we seem to get quite a few off BMWs.  This set was a little different from the regualr ones we were recieving off the e36 328is.  The owner of this set of wheels had bought them to us off his wifes BMW Z3, they […]

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