Dubclub Mega meet results and photos

Here is a list of the winners at the dublub mega meet – enjoy : )

(Details and pictures supplied by www.drivebyshooters.co.uk, take a look)

Best Stance – Baldspeed Racing – MK3 Wagon – T574 CUD
Best Wheels – Mk3 Mason – MK3 Wagon – S234 GUL

Best Wagon – MK3 Mason – MK3 Wagon – S234 GUL

Best Paint […]

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Thanks for the shout out in PVW Mag

Just a quick message to say thanks to Bally for the mention in this months PVW magazine, and a congratulations to you and Damo on an excellent feature, the corrado’s look awesome!!

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Dub Club Mega Meet

The Dub Club Mega Meet happened this Wednesday gone at Halfords Coventry and got a great turn out! I reckon over 200 cars were there and considering the weather was cold and wet.

Best car there must have been Taj’s black Lambo Gallardo Spyder awesome!

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Refurbishing an alloy wheel takes time and preparation, all wheels must arrive stripped from the vehicle and tyres removed.

We will remove as much dirt and road grime as possible and then chemically clean and or blast the wheels. For multi spoke wheels we will get into all the grooves and ridges and this process […]

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Welcome to the PureKlas Blog

Well this is our first post and it’s just a welcome to the new website!

Check out our site regularly for the latest offers and wheels available to buy!

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