Porsche 911 wheels refurbished in Gloss Black, For Sale

We recently had a set of Porsche twists come in , slight difference fromt hes straight leg twists.  They were in excellent condition and had a few places that were sanded back but this all meant minimum prep work from ourselves.  They were a dull black when they arrived, like a matt black, and the […]

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Audi A3 on S5 wheels refurbished in Gunmetal

A good friend and customer Chris came to me for something different on his Audi S5 wheels, the plan was to have them powder coated.  Initial idea was black as they were just going to be his winter wheels, as we had just finished a set of speedline split rims for him in gloss black […]

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Porsche Twists refurbished for Vw Bora

A good friend of mine and regular customer was intouch recently for a job on his new wheels.  Bally had managed to find some Porsche twists for his daily driver.  The car is slammed, like all his cars, and this is no different.  The wheels were kerbed and damaged, some were quite severe.  Three of […]

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BBS LM Split Rims for BMW M Coupe

We recently had some extremely wide BBS LMs booked in.  They were showing there age, with the usual lacquer peel, some kerb damage, the finish was quite dull, and the standard silver centres were also looking like they could do with a freshen up.

The owner wanted something different from standard, however , did not want […]

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Advan split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

Advans are quite a popular aftermarket wheel for japanese motors, and we had a set arrive that had seen much better days.  The dishes on these wheels were seriously kerbed, the lacquer had lifted, and there was totally no shine left to them.  The centre were just as bad, the paint had lifted, blistered and […]

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We had a customer off to the edition 38 show and while passing by he wanted to drop some BBS RC wheels he had bought for his BMW.  The wheels were badly kerbed and in quite a state.  They were first linished and the kerbing all removed, they were then stripped, blasted and powder coated […]

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BBS Super RS 5 x 114 split rims alloy wheel refurbishment

A customer bought a set of BBS split rim wheels for his MK5 Volkswagen Golf , they were Super RS wheels in japanese stud pattern 5 x 114.3.  The wheels on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, and the bolts looked like they had hit […]

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Chrome Powder coat now available

We have had a call from our customers for chrome powder coat and other different finishes recently, so we are happy to announce we now have chrome powder coat, and the gloss bronze people have been asking for, in stock.

Click here for a quote

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BBS RX 2 split rims for VW Golf MK3.

A common problem with the BBS RX 2 wheel, usually seen on the Polo gti, and Golf mk3 Anniversary, is that the lacquer on these wheels always tends to crack, and peel, with a spiderweb effect, as seen on most diamond cut lips.  This set was no exception, so we began by splitting the centres […]

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Welcome to our Customers new website, Greg Howell

A regular customer and friend of mine, Greg Howell has just launched a new website, so we wanted to share this with our customers.  Some of you may be familiar with Gregs work and what he does.  He’s recognised for his work on a number of show cars in the UK, as one of the […]

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