Split rim wheel refurbishment

Coming up to christmas, we thought we would put up a picture of a split rim refurbished by us, every day until xmas day..

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Hope every one has a great day .. […]

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Forsale BBS Rc 041 split rims from BMW e36 328i sports, staggered set. 7.5 and 8.5 x 17

They are 2 Rc 041s and 2 RC 042s.  which means they are the staggered set, 7.5 x 17 inch front wheels and 8.5 x 17 inch rear wheels.

The wheels have been fully paint stripped, blasted and powder coated in a matt black colour
The BBS centre nuts that the cap fits into have been mirror […]

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Kahn design BMW split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

You may all have heard of Kahn design, who design modified body panels and kits, tuning, alloy wheels for the high end prestige vehicle market.  Well we had a set of their wheels arrive, they were for a BMW 3 series.  The plan was to split the wheels, mirror polish the lips and centres, and […]

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Volks racing split rim wheel refurbishment for Toyota Mr2

These Volks wheels were for a Toyota Mr2, they had a smaller bolts size that the norm, and once we got them split, we inspected the wheels.  The dishes were kerb damaged and the centres were in a white, with the ring that sits behind the centre done in a blue by a previous owner.  […]

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Honda Accord CL1 Type R, Rage alloy wheels chrome powder coated

These Rage wheels came in quite a nice bronze finish, however the owner wanted something brighter on his immaculate Honda Accord CL1 Type R, so opted for the chrome powder coat option.  The wheels were in fairly good condition with the odd kerbing damage, so this was removed.  Wheels were dipped, blasted, and then powder […]

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RH ZW1 split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

These RH ZW1 split rim wheels arrived with extra lips. as the owner had some wider lips.  However the new ones looked like they had been stripped and blasted, making the polishing more difficult, to get a smooth surface.  The centres were in a Matt black type of finish, almost textured like a crackle finish.  […]

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VW BBS Split rim wheel refurbishment

These VW split rims are quite rare, made by BBS, they came on a few mk4s we think.  They had seen better days and had deteriorated over time, so needed freshening up.  It was a set of 5, and the wheels were first split into 2 pieces.  The centres were then stripped of the current […]

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