Porsche Artec 2 piece split rims for Vw Golf mk3 VR6

Once in a while we come across a car from the past.  When T contacted us about his artec split rim wheels, he did explain which car it was, but i couldn’t picture it.  Then when the wheels arrived, i knew there was only one car that had wheels like this in […]

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Porsche Twist split rim wheel polished and powdercoated for VW Golf Mk3

We had a set of 2 piece Posrsche split rims arrive, which were to be fitted to a Vw Golf Mk3 Vr6.

One of the dishes of the wheels damaged quite a bit, where as the rest had the usualy kerb damage.  The centres were in the standard factory silver, the request was to change the […]

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Offers, Blogs, and Empi’s

Hi everyone

Been a while since i’ve had a chance to post here, it should be getting busy in here soon, with lots to read, so keep an eye out for it.  Many have you may have seen our 2 piece split rims offer for May , which we had extended over June.  Well now you […]

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How to look after Polished Wheels ??

Aftercare for Mirror Polished Components

Ever wondered how to keep that polished metal looking good all year round?  Tired of running 2 sets of wheels per year, one for summer and one for winter?  This is the easiest and most effective way of looking after polished metal, we have tried and tested.

Just had your […]

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Porsche 928 wheels polished for lupo at Ultimate Dubs 2010

Andy contacted us with his virtually miny Porsche 928 winter wheels that he was running on VW lupo, supercharged i might add.  The wheels were virtually spotless on arrival and were in a silver powder coat finish.  Andy wanted to take the car in another direction this show season for Ultimate dubs 2010, with its […]

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Porsche Eta Krone Split rims refurbished

This particular set of wheels had its dishes refurbished and polished by ourselves previously, the wheels had now changed hands and the new owner decided to just run them as they were through all weathers, and with the snow and pot holes we had, it wasn’t the ideal wheel to be running in such conditions.  […]

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Porsche 356 replica restoration

We recently had a local company contact us about a project they are working on for a customer.  It is a lovely black Porsche 356 replica, however the wheels were in a very bad way, and the chrome sections on the car had blistered and contained surface rust, so we had our work cut out […]

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Porsche 911 Strosek wheels for an Audi TT

We were provided with these strosek wheels by a regular customer, and well i just wanted to hang on to them.  Such a lovely wheel, designed as an aftermarket wheel for Porsche by Strosek.  It is a very odd, 2 piece split rim, yes it is actually a split rim.  The bolts are cleverly fitted […]

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Dubclub Mega meet results and photos

Here is a list of the winners at the dublub mega meet – enjoy : )

(Details and pictures supplied by www.drivebyshooters.co.uk, take a look)

Best Stance – Baldspeed Racing – MK3 Wagon – T574 CUD
Best Wheels – Mk3 Mason – MK3 Wagon – S234 GUL

Best Wagon – MK3 Mason – MK3 Wagon – S234 GUL

Best Paint […]

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