Wheel repair and refurbishment offer, ends 15th December 2010

We seem to have the cold and snow come early this year, that mean slippery road surfaces and damaged wheels.  Well if you have had an incident where you have cracked or kerbed a wheel, there is no need to worry, contact us at Pureklas and we will repair your wheels back to their former […]

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Rial Daytona Split Rim wheels refurbished for sale £1095

Here i have for sale a set of 4 alloy wheels.

They are 2 Piece split rim wheels, Rial Daytonas, very similar to the very expensive, BBS LMs.

They are 5 x 120 BMW fitment

front wheels are 8.5 x 18 , et 14
rear wheels are 9.5 x 18, et 17

These wheels have been freshly powder coated in […]

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BMW M3 e46 on Polished Wheels

A while back we had a set of polished BMW M3 reps for sale for the e46 model.  We had stripped the faces of the lacquer, removed all the kerbing, and the polished the bare metal face to a polished finish.

The wheels were bought by a very enthisiastic owner, of what we think has to […]

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Christmas Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Special Offer !!!

If you do not already know, we have a special offer on if you book your wheels for a refurbishment with us before christmas 2010.  You will receive 15% off the quoted price.  Please state that you would like to take advantage of the 15% offer so therefore would like to book before Christmas.

Offer applies […]

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BMW Z3 BBS Split rim Wheels refurbished, polished & powder coated

BBS wheels seem to be a popular choice for manufacturers now, we seem to get quite a few off BMWs.  This set was a little different from the regualr ones we were recieving off the e36 328is.  The owner of this set of wheels had bought them to us off his wifes BMW Z3, they […]

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BMW e46 M3 wheels refurbished and mirror polished.

A couple of months ago we had a owner of an absolute mint BMW e46 M3 approach us with his wheels.  The car was amazing, with minimal mileage on it.  Being a perfectionist the owner wanted the wheels to reflect the condition of the car, so the decision was made to have them Mirror polished.  […]

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Pureklas at the Westside VW show 2010

Most of you that follow the VW show scene, will most definately heard of the vw club, know as Westside.  Probably the oldest and original VW club of enthusiasts, building the most mind blowing VWs back in the day you would have ever seen.  They used to arrive at shows in a convoy, running polished […]

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BMW Hartge 22 inch wheels refurbished in Gloss Black

Recently we had a call, the owner had a set of 22 inch Hartge wheels he had bought for his BMW 7 series.  The car was a beautiful deep black, and he wanted the wheels in black too. The question was, would we go Satin, Matt, Sparkle or Gloss black, as the owner had piano […]

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BMW M6 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

Recently we just had a set of BMW M6 alloy wheels, the twin 5 spoke variety.

They were kerbed and had lacquer lifted on them, the finish required was a polished face, unfortunately we can’t find the before pictures, but this how they look now, how all M6 wheels should look.  ; )

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Ace Cafe event organised by Dubclub, Westside and Euroville

The 23rd of August was buzzing with people talking about an organised car meet held at the famous Ace Cafe in London.  The meet was organised by 3 car clubs from the VW scene under the names of, WestsideVW, Euroville and Dubclub.

Dubclub organiser Tony, arranged a convoy from Coventry to Ace Cafe, and it was […]

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