Ace Cafe event organised by Dubclub, Westside and Euroville

The 23rd of August was buzzing with people talking about an organised car meet held at the famous Ace Cafe in London.  The meet was organised by 3 car clubs from the VW scene under the names of, WestsideVW, Euroville and Dubclub.

Dubclub organiser Tony, arranged a convoy from Coventry to Ace Cafe, and it was […]

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Offers, Blogs, and Empi’s

Hi everyone

Been a while since i’ve had a chance to post here, it should be getting busy in here soon, with lots to read, so keep an eye out for it.  Many have you may have seen our 2 piece split rims offer for May , which we had extended over June.  Well now you […]

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Something different. VW Golf MK3 BBS wheels

Earlier this year, we had a customer contact us with some Mk3 Golf Bbs wheels.  He had seen the BBs Ra’s we had polished once previously, so wanted the same with his wheels.  The wheels has already been stripped previously of all paint as the owner had started polishing them, himself.  After discussing what he […]

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Porsche Eta Krone Split rims refurbished

This particular set of wheels had its dishes refurbished and polished by ourselves previously, the wheels had now changed hands and the new owner decided to just run them as they were through all weathers, and with the snow and pot holes we had, it wasn’t the ideal wheel to be running in such conditions.  […]

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Audi RS6 replica wheels powder coated black for VW Passat

Rob came to us with his Audi RS6 reps that he wanted to put on to his passat, but wanted to go for a darker colour to contrast with colour of the wagon, so he opted for a gloss black.  One of the wheels had a slight bend in the inner lip, so that was […]

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Ultimate Dubs 2010 car show

Been a bit slow on the old blogs, with this show around the corner, and it should be a good one.  Look out for me there, i’ll be running around handing out cards, so pop over and say “Hi”.

See you all there !!

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Dubfreeze, VW Passat on Air Ride takes 2nd place.

If you are keeping up with our blogs, you may remember a set of Mercedes Carlsson wheels that we refurbished recently.  Well they have found their way on to a lovely VW Passat Wagon, sitting on air ride.  Last weekend was the cars first show on the new wheels, coming in second place at Dubfreeze.  […]

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Mercedes Carlsson wheels Refurbished

Last time i was over at Chris’s i came back with a couple of sets of wheels, one set will be revealed later this year.  The other set was some Carlsson wheels that he had picked up. The paint was flaking in some areas with a little kerbing too, but the wheels were pretty straight.  […]

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