Porsche 911 Silver Rose wheels polished

We had a set of these lovely Porsche silver rose wheels arrive, they were well looked after, had slight kerbing on one, and apart from that they had been previously polished and just been neglected for a while so needed repolishing, to bring them back to their former glory.  That is what we did, first […]

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Kerscher Split Rims full alloy wheel refurbishment, from scrap to show wheels.

A customer bought a set of Kerscher split rim wheels, which on inspection were in a very bad state.  The Dishes were kerbed, the centres were looking tired, but these were the good bits.  The barrels and the dishes, in total, on a set of 4 wheels, we discovered 9 bends, buckles, dings, what ever […]

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Wheel repair and refurbishment offer, ends 15th December 2010

We seem to have the cold and snow come early this year, that mean slippery road surfaces and damaged wheels.  Well if you have had an incident where you have cracked or kerbed a wheel, there is no need to worry, contact us at Pureklas and we will repair your wheels back to their former […]

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Saving on your Car Insurance

Insuring your vehicle can be an expensive process, especially with premiums on the rise as insurance companies fight against the ever increasing number of fraudulent claims. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your insurance so that you end up with a policy that will […]

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Christmas Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Special Offer !!!

If you do not already know, we have a special offer on if you book your wheels for a refurbishment with us before christmas 2010.  You will receive 15% off the quoted price.  Please state that you would like to take advantage of the 15% offer so therefore would like to book before Christmas.

Offer applies […]

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BBS Audi speedline wheels on VW Golf Mk4 show car

We had a set of BBS speedline dishes arrive, already stripped of the centres, so we had just the dishes arrive.  The dishes were looking tired so basically needed polishing ready for show season.  For those of you who are familiar with the VW shows will know this car and its owner Simon.  Since we […]

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Porsche 928 wheels refurbished and powder coated in gunmetal grey

Here we have a set of Porsche 928 wheels were quite badly damaged, with dents and dings, and the metal on the was extremely pitted.  The initial idea for these wheels was to re[air them and polish the slots  and powder coat the rest of the wheel, however,  this did not go as planned so […]

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Work equip split rim wheels, refurbished & polished for a VW Polo show car.

Just at the beginning of the car show season calendar we were given a set of 3 piece Work equip 03 wheels, 3 piece split rim.  The customer wanted them split and fully polished including the spokes on the centres, and then rebuilt and sealed.

The wheels arrived and were not too bad at all, there […]

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Pureklas at the Westside VW show 2010

Most of you that follow the VW show scene, will most definately heard of the vw club, know as Westside.  Probably the oldest and original VW club of enthusiasts, building the most mind blowing VWs back in the day you would have ever seen.  They used to arrive at shows in a convoy, running polished […]

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Edition 38 VW show in Northampton 2010

We decided to take a drive down to the Edition 38 show this year on the Sunday, it’s a VW show held in Northampton.  The amount of people and cars this show attracts is amazing, especially when compared to the very early days, when it first began.  I remember when i used to attend back […]

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