Audi A8 wheels on an A3, faces mirror polished.

We recently had some 20 inch Audi a8 wheels come in for polishing.  The plan was to either polish the whole wheel or just the faces of the spokes.  As the painted sections were not too bad, the decision was made to have the faces polished off the spokes, which were already in a diamond […]

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RH Allurad split rim wheels, similar to AMG Mercedes

We had a lovely set of wheels come in, from a beautiful Volkswagen Passat Estate on air ride.  The wheels are a 2 piece split rim wheel, and two of lips were kerbed, and one was quite bent.  The owner wanted the wheels fully polished for the show season so we first, removed the bolts, […]

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Audi RS6 replica wheels. with something different.

The owner of these wheels bouht a new set of Audi RS6 replica wheels and wanted something different with them.  We were asked if we could maintain the rest of the wheel, in its original high silver Audi paint, but take back the paint off just the face of the wheels and polish the tops […]

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Mercedes CL coupe AMG wheels mirror polished.

If you have been keeping up with the blogs, you will have read the last 2, about the 3 sets of wheels bought to me by Harry and V.  This was their 3rd set, a set of 19 inch AMG monoblock wheels, off their Mercedes CL coupe AMG, they wanted to go for the same […]

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BMW 328i split rims BBS Rc 041 alloy wheel refurbishment

We had another set of BBS rc 041 arrive, they are the wheels found on the e36 BMW 328i sport.

The lips were quite damaged so needed some work, which consisted of removing the damage, and lacquer, then polishing them to a mirror finish.  The centres were also in quite a state, these were stripped, blasted […]

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Porsche 997 wheels refurbished

We had a set of  Porsche 997 style wheels arrive, wow, those rears are WIDE!!!  The lacquer had began to lift, like all diamond cut wheels. The wheels needed to be refurbished and then mirror polished. There was no real kerb damage, but once the lacquer begins lifting on wheels it looks awful, and detracts […]

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Rial Daytona Split Rim wheels refurbished for sale £1095

Here i have for sale a set of 4 alloy wheels.

They are 2 Piece split rim wheels, Rial Daytonas, very similar to the very expensive, BBS LMs.

They are 5 x 120 BMW fitment

front wheels are 8.5 x 18 , et 14
rear wheels are 9.5 x 18, et 17

These wheels have been freshly powder coated in […]

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Welcome to PureKlas new website

Just a quick message, to welcome everyone who has found our new site. The official launch will be over the next few weeks where we will be giving away a set of mirror polished wheels, to a lucky winner. We hope you return to our site regularly, as this website will be very active, […]

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