Kahn design BMW split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

You may all have heard of Kahn design, who design modified body panels and kits, tuning, alloy wheels for the high end prestige vehicle market.  Well we had a set of their wheels arrive, they were for a BMW 3 series.  The plan was to split the wheels, mirror polish the lips and centres, and […]

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Alloy wheel dishes mirror polished and repaired.

We under take jobs on wheels that have already been split, or just certain sections of wheels if requested.  We were sent some dishes, one with a slight bend and very faded, they had no shine left to them, so we got to work on them.  Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.


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Volks racing split rim wheel refurbishment for Toyota Mr2

These Volks wheels were for a Toyota Mr2, they had a smaller bolts size that the norm, and once we got them split, we inspected the wheels.  The dishes were kerb damaged and the centres were in a white, with the ring that sits behind the centre done in a blue by a previous owner.  […]

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Ronal R10 turbo wheels mirror polished for VW Lupo

We recently polished some Ronal R10 wheels for a VW lupo, lovely set of wheels.  They were in fairly good condtion, one slight bend to the rear of one of them, so the repair was carried out, the lacquer was then stripped from the faces and the wheels polished to a mirror finish.


Please couble click […]

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Pureklas at Ultimate Dubs VW show, March 11th 2012.

We don’t know how many of you reading this went to the show last week at the Telford International Centre, Ultimate Dubs.  We had a few cars present at this show that we had worked on recently, so i went around quickly and took some snaps..  Was a good show, with a great layout, personally […]

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VW BBS Split rim wheel refurbishment

These VW split rims are quite rare, made by BBS, they came on a few mk4s we think.  They had seen better days and had deteriorated over time, so needed freshening up.  It was a set of 5, and the wheels were first split into 2 pieces.  The centres were then stripped of the current […]

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Porsche D90 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

These Porsche Design 90s wheels had arrived already stripped as the customer had started working on them himself, but gave up, so handed them over to us to mirror polish them.

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BMW M3 e36 Motorsport wheels refurbished and mirror polished

This set of e36 motorsport wheels were finished with polished lips and a cream centre, they were in good condition, yet the owner was looking for a new look.  He wanted to see how they would look fully polished, and from experience, we knew these wheels come out really well!!

We began by stirpping the whole […]

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RH Cups, stripped and mirror polished lips

We had a set of painted RH cups arrive, the customer wanted the paint all stripped off and the lips mirror polished, so that he could then paint the rest of the wheel when he has the car painted.

So that is exactly what we did.  Here’s the finished result, with polished lips:

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Bmw M3 e46 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

The wheels we all like, we had another set of BMW M3 wheels come in for refurbishment and mirror polishing, so we did what we do to all m3 wheels.  The lacquer was stripped from the faces and then the diamond cut surface flattened back and then polished to a mirror finish.


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