Bmw M3 e46 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

The wheels we all like, we had another set of BMW M3 wheels come in for refurbishment and mirror polishing, so we did what we do to all m3 wheels.  The lacquer was stripped from the faces and then the diamond cut surface flattened back and then polished to a mirror finish.


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BMW M3 e46 wheel refurbishment

These BMW M3 e46 wheels, like most had the regular lacquer peel damage to them, so we removed the slight kerbing they had, and stipped back the lacquer from the faces.

They were then Polished to a mirror finish.

Contact us for a free quote, the £30 offer we have at the moment on diamond turned finishes, […]

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BMW M3 e46 wheel refurbishment, mirror polished.

Every one loves the standard BMW M3 e46 wheels, and we must admit, they really do suit the car, however, the diamond cut finish just doesn’t do the wheels justice, that is why we took another set, off a customer who had a set done earlier, and polished them to a mirror finish.  He was […]

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Rial Daytona Split rims for BMW 5 x 120

If you kept up with the last 2 blogs and like the look of the LMs on the BMW M coupe, how about something similar for yourself??

This set of Rial split rims is forsale, its a set of 4.

They are 2 Piece split rim wheels, Rial Daytonas, very similar to the very expensive, BBS LMs.

They […]

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BMW M Coupe forsale, a really mint one!!!

If you saw our last blog with the BBS LM wheels, you will have read they were for a BMW M coupe.  The car is just stunning and now its up for grabs.  Serious enquiries please to

Full spec on the car and pictures below.

2000 my x reg
78,500 miles
brand new from BMW engine 5k […]

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BBS LM Split Rims for BMW M Coupe

We recently had some extremely wide BBS LMs booked in.  They were showing there age, with the usual lacquer peel, some kerb damage, the finish was quite dull, and the standard silver centres were also looking like they could do with a freshen up.

The owner wanted something different from standard, however , did not want […]

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BMW Hartge 22 inch wheels refurbished in Gloss Black

Recently we had a call, the owner had a set of 22 inch Hartge wheels he had bought for his BMW 7 series.  The car was a beautiful deep black, and he wanted the wheels in black too. The question was, would we go Satin, Matt, Sparkle or Gloss black, as the owner had piano […]

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BMW M6 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

Recently we just had a set of BMW M6 alloy wheels, the twin 5 spoke variety.

They were kerbed and had lacquer lifted on them, the finish required was a polished face, unfortunately we can’t find the before pictures, but this how they look now, how all M6 wheels should look.  ; )

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