Honda Accord CL1 Type R, Rage alloy wheels chrome powder coated

These Rage wheels came in quite a nice bronze finish, however the owner wanted something brighter on his immaculate Honda Accord CL1 Type R, so opted for the chrome powder coat option.  The wheels were in fairly good condition with the odd kerbing damage, so this was removed.  Wheels were dipped, blasted, and then powder […]

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Chrome powder coating wheels

We have have had a number of people asking what our chrome powder coat looks like, does it look like chrome plate, does it look like polished metal, is it just like a steel grey like other companies offer.   So we thought we would explain and display our chrome powder coat finish for every one […]

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Advan split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

Advans are quite a popular aftermarket wheel for japanese motors, and we had a set arrive that had seen much better days.  The dishes on these wheels were seriously kerbed, the lacquer had lifted, and there was totally no shine left to them.  The centre were just as bad, the paint had lifted, blistered and […]

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Ace Cafe, November 13th, don’t miss it !!

Don’t miss the Ace cafe meet, this coming Saturday.. all details can be found here


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Ace Cafe, Jap / German / Swedish Car meet, 13th November 2010

If you have nothing planned on the 13th of November, that is a Saturday, get on down to the Ace Cafe.  A mixture of different vehicles willl be on display, as its a fusion of Jap, German and Swedish machinery, so whether you like Saabs, Merc, VW, or Skylines, this is the place to be.

It […]

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Honda S2000 Jap Advan wheels refurb in Sparkle Black.

Tom arrived with his Matt black Advan wheels which he wanted to fit to his Honda S2000.  The paint had all flaked with a little kerbing too, he wanted them in a bronze, then after some debating we decided to go for white, until i showed him our sparkle black.  He agreed that this would […]

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Don’t you just love pot holes?

With the state of our roads lately, we have been taking on alot of repairs, and one very square looking pair of wheels made by Lenso were given to us, to see if we could salvage them for a Honda Civic ..

Both wheels had a two kinks, and a very square edge to the other […]

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