Mercedes MAE wheels refurbished and polished.

For all those Mercedes lovers out there, you will all be familiar with MAE wheels, one of the original mercedes after market wheels.  Along side Carlsson and Lorinser, the MAE has always been a wheel that could be recognised among others, with their unique styling.  Personally i always thought you can’t beat an MAE wheels […]

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Brock B2 wheels, polished dishes for VW Golf MK3

A friend wanted something different with his wheels.  He runs a VW club called Dubclub, and has a VW Golf mk3 Gti.  The brocks were picked up for the car and were in standard finish, with diamond turned lips and painted centres.  They are 9 x 16s all round on this car.  He called me […]

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Volksracing 2 piece split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

These volksracing wheels arrived for a full refurbishment.  It is a two piece wheel, so the first job was to split the centres from the rest of the wheel.  The dishes were very pitted and dull on the wheels, due to neglect over time, and weather conditions.  We polished the dishes to a mirror finish, […]

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BMW 328i split rims BBS Rc 041 / Rc 042 alloy wheel refurbishment

We were contact by a customer who was having trouble finding some one that could give him a sensible price for refubrishing his BBS split rims for his e36 BMW.  He knew what he wanted and how he wanted them to look, so after speaking to him about certain options and ideas, it was decided […]

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Two Piece Split rim, special offer !!! From just £200

If you own a set of 2 split rims that have 20 bolts or less, we will split the wheels apart and carry out repairs to kerbing on the dishes and polish them to a mirror finish, seal the finish using wheel sealent and then rebuild the wheels from £200 for the set of 4.

If […]

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Porsche 911 Silver Rose wheels polished

We had a set of these lovely Porsche silver rose wheels arrive, they were well looked after, had slight kerbing on one, and apart from that they had been previously polished and just been neglected for a while so needed repolishing, to bring them back to their former glory.  That is what we did, first […]

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Dodge Ram 22inch wheels mirror polished

This is the first time we have been offered a set of wheels off a dodge ram to be polished.  The wheels were off a very rare powerful Dodge, and came from factory as Polished and lacquered.  As with most polished and diamond cut wheels, that are lacquered, the lacquer does not last long on […]

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Porsche 997 wheels refurbished and polished for a Porsche Boxster

An enthusastic owner of Porsche boxster had put some Porsche 997 style wheels on his vehicle. However the lacquer had began to lift, like all diamond cut wheels. He decided to have the wheels refurbished and have them mirror polished. There was no real kerb damage, but once the lacquer begins lifting […]

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Wheels for a Peugeot, Refurbished and repainted.

We were called upon by a customer, whom required a full alloy wheel refurbishment, for his 2 piece split rim wheels. The wheels were to be for a white Peugeot show car project. In their current condition, the wheels arrived and were in good condition, however the centres were in a matt gold […]

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Wheel repair and refurbishment offer, ends 15th December 2010

We seem to have the cold and snow come early this year, that mean slippery road surfaces and damaged wheels.  Well if you have had an incident where you have cracked or kerbed a wheel, there is no need to worry, contact us at Pureklas and we will repair your wheels back to their former […]

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