AMG C63 wheel refurbishment polished

These C63 AMG wheels came with a bit of beating, they had some quite deep kerb damage along with flaked lacquer on the faces as they originally come with diamond cut finish.  For those that do not know, the diamond cut finish is prone to flake and create milky spots on the wheel under the […]

Bmw M3 e46 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

The wheels we all like, we had another set of BMW M3 wheels come in for refurbishment and mirror polishing, so we did what we do to all m3 wheels.  The lacquer was stripped from the faces and then the diamond cut surface flattened back and then polished to a mirror finish.


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BMW M3 e46 wheel refurbishment, mirror polished.

Every one loves the standard BMW M3 e46 wheels, and we must admit, they really do suit the car, however, the diamond cut finish just doesn’t do the wheels justice, that is why we took another set, off a customer who had a set done earlier, and polished them to a mirror finish.  He was […]

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Audi diamond turned winter wheels, mirror polished

A set of Audi winter wheels arrived  in quite good condition, there was no kerbing or damage, pictures they are in very good condition.   The owner wanted these looking better than standard though, so opted for the polished finish.

We stripped the lacquer from the face and polished them to a mirror finish.

We currently have […]

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Porsche 997 wheels refurbished

We had a set of  Porsche 997 style wheels arrive, wow, those rears are WIDE!!!  The lacquer had began to lift, like all diamond cut wheels. The wheels needed to be refurbished and then mirror polished. There was no real kerb damage, but once the lacquer begins lifting on wheels it looks awful, and detracts […]

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