VW Golf Rallye with chrome powder coat BBS RS split rims

If you saw our last blog, with chrome powder coated centres and polished lips and centre nuts.  Well its not often we get to see the finished product on the car itself,  Paul, was kind enough to send us some pictures of the wheels on his absolutely mint, VW Golf Rallye.  enjoy….

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Porsche Teledial alloy wheel refurbishment

We had these classic Porsche wheels come in, the teledials as they are known  Apart from a few nicks, they were in good condition, and were finished in original silver.  We stripped the metal centre caps and the paint from the rest of the wheel, and mirror polished these, hope you like the result.

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Chrome Powder coat now available

We have had a call from our customers for chrome powder coat and other different finishes recently, so we are happy to announce we now have chrome powder coat, and the gloss bronze people have been asking for, in stock.

Click here for a quote

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Audi Q7 on 22 inch ABT wheels refurbished and Mirror Polished.

A regular customer of ours had just bought an Audi Q7, and soon after found a set of wheels he wanted for it.  They are 22 inch 5 spokes made by ABT.  He had these wheels polished, before, but was not happy with the standard they were polished to, so wnated them polished by ourselves, […]

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Edition 38 VW show in Northampton 2010

We decided to take a drive down to the Edition 38 show this year on the Sunday, it’s a VW show held in Northampton.  The amount of people and cars this show attracts is amazing, especially when compared to the very early days, when it first began.  I remember when i used to attend back […]

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Ace Cafe event organised by Dubclub, Westside and Euroville

The 23rd of August was buzzing with people talking about an organised car meet held at the famous Ace Cafe in London.  The meet was organised by 3 car clubs from the VW scene under the names of, WestsideVW, Euroville and Dubclub.

Dubclub organiser Tony, arranged a convoy from Coventry to Ace Cafe, and it was […]

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Porsche Twist split rim wheel polished and powdercoated for VW Golf Mk3

We had a set of 2 piece Posrsche split rims arrive, which were to be fitted to a Vw Golf Mk3 Vr6.

One of the dishes of the wheels damaged quite a bit, where as the rest had the usualy kerb damage.  The centres were in the standard factory silver, the request was to change the […]

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Bmw 328i BBS Split rim on Vw Golf Mk4

Hello every one, apologies for the delay in updates on the blog.  Alot more on their way, so stay tuned.

Now does everyone remember Kyle, with the Bmw 328i splits?  Missed the blog did you?? Well here is a reminder of the work done on the wheels:

BMW 328i Splits

Well just the other day, Kyle contacted me, […]

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Deep Dish wheels for BMW M3 e46. Now that’s a deep dish!!

We recently had a very enthusiastic customer appear from Southampton, he wanted his M3 to look different, so went out and bought a set of wheels with the craziest dish we have seen.  They are similar to the Khan design wheel.  After running them for a while, being a perfectionist, he wanted something else, so […]

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The perfect Mk2 Golf? PVW magazine March 2010 issue, buy it now!!

The new Performance VW magazine is out in the shops and what a corker, some lovely cars featured .. on the front cover is Russ Whitefields Mk2 gold on carbs .. If you like Mk2s then you just have to go buy this magazine, Russ is a real perfectionist, and we are proud to have […]

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