Audi Q7 on 22 inch ABT wheels refurbished and Mirror Polished.

A regular customer of ours had just bought an Audi Q7, and soon after found a set of wheels he wanted for it.  They are 22 inch 5 spokes made by ABT.  He had these wheels polished, before, but was not happy with the standard they were polished to, so wnated them polished by ourselves, […]

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Pureklas at the Westside VW show 2010

Most of you that follow the VW show scene, will most definately heard of the vw club, know as Westside.  Probably the oldest and original VW club of enthusiasts, building the most mind blowing VWs back in the day you would have ever seen.  They used to arrive at shows in a convoy, running polished […]

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BMW Hartge 22 inch wheels refurbished in Gloss Black

Recently we had a call, the owner had a set of 22 inch Hartge wheels he had bought for his BMW 7 series.  The car was a beautiful deep black, and he wanted the wheels in black too. The question was, would we go Satin, Matt, Sparkle or Gloss black, as the owner had piano […]

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Edition 38 VW show in Northampton 2010

We decided to take a drive down to the Edition 38 show this year on the Sunday, it’s a VW show held in Northampton.  The amount of people and cars this show attracts is amazing, especially when compared to the very early days, when it first began.  I remember when i used to attend back […]

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Oz Turbo Split Rim Wheel for a Mk4 VW Polo at Edition 38 show 2010

Here is a blog long over due, a few months bak just as show season was starting, we were contact by Ryan who was the proud owner of his Vw Polo, running a set of Oz turbo split rim wheels.  Two of the wheels had kerb damage, one was bent, so the arrangement was to […]

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Ace Cafe event organised by Dubclub, Westside and Euroville

The 23rd of August was buzzing with people talking about an organised car meet held at the famous Ace Cafe in London.  The meet was organised by 3 car clubs from the VW scene under the names of, WestsideVW, Euroville and Dubclub.

Dubclub organiser Tony, arranged a convoy from Coventry to Ace Cafe, and it was […]

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Alloy Wheel Dishes polished for Mk1 Golf Show Car

Had some dishes delivered by Greg Howell from Southam Bodies, the creator of some fine show cars.  These were for his own project, a Mk1 Golf with tdi lump, which he was aiming to have ready for the Ultimate Dubs show, in Telford.  He had a little special request, that they be polished over the […]

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Welcome to PureKlas new website

Just a quick message, to welcome everyone who has found our new site. The official launch will be over the next few weeks where we will be giving away a set of mirror polished wheels, to a lucky winner. We hope you return to our site regularly, as this website will be very active, […]

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Happy New Year from PureKLAS

I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2010 works out just how you want it to.  Hope to see alot of you in 2010, and produce some full on magazine and show cars this year.  If you have a project and need ideas, drop us an email, we are […]

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AMG Mercedes wheels mirror polished for 2010

A set of genuine AMG Mercedes wheels were hand delivered to us on a Saturday, here in Coventry by Clive, making the drive down from Doncaster.  He is extremely enthusiastic about cars, and said this particular set is for his wifes’ Mercedes CLK convertible.  The wheels had quite a bit of kerbing, so they were […]

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