We don’t usually get a call for this service because the lacquer does slightly dull the shine, but these e36 M3 wheels came out lovely.  They were alreadu chemically stripped when they arrived and the owner wanted the tops and lips polished and the rest left but the whole wheel lacquered.  That is what we did with wheels and well take a look for yourself.

We now offer this service for anyone who may want this to their wheels, so if you want the bling look and not to concerned with losing a little shine, however, would prefer the easier maintenance option, then this service may interest you.  Contact us for a free quote

BMW BMW M3 wheels Polished and Lacquered by www.pureklas.co.uk BMW m3 wheels polished and lacquered by www.pureklas.co.uk BMW M3 wheels polished and lacquered by www.pureklas.co.uk

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