Split rim wheel refurbishment

Coming up to christmas, we thought we would put up a picture of a split rim refurbished by us, every day until xmas day..

Come visit the one stop shop and the only place to be for your split rim wheel refurbishment needs .. click here for more details

Hope every one has a great day .. […]

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Mercedes SL AMG split rim, full wheel refurbishment

You just got to love the old Mercedes SL.. such a classic and well designed convertible for its time, with nice  lines and great build quality.  Well the AMG models came with a 3 piece split rim on them as an option, quite rare to find one still supporting a set of these wheels but […]

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Mercedes replica wheels mirror polished and refurbished

Here is a single piece, set of wheels which were quite nice when they came in, the odd bit of damage and lacquer going funny on the diamond cut areas.  They were diamond cut and lacquered on the high spots and painted silver on the rest, looked like they were being used on a Mercedes, […]

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BMW E46 M3 Alloy Wheel refurbishment, Mirror Polished

The Diamond cut M3 wheels seem to be a common problem, with the usual lacquer peel that occurs on the original finish.

The process as usual, was to strip the lacquer from the faces, linish them flat and then polish them to a mirror finish.

One of the wheels was alloy welded as you can see from […]

BBS RM Split rim refurbishment

One of our regular customers had a set of painted BBs RM split rims for his project car.  However he had a number of dishes, but wanted to see which ones were salvagable, as you can see from the picture, they were not in the best of condition.  It was still not a job that […]

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Corvette wheels mirror polished for a VW Golf Mk2

The Volkswagen Mk2 is now becoming quite scarce on the road, they seem to be getting fewer on the road., so it was our pleasure to work on this lovely clean example.  The owner of the car Nate is a perfectionist when it comes to his vehicles, and he wanted something a little different and […]

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Mazda 6 wheels, refurbished and mirror polished.

The mazda 6 is not a very a common car on our roads, quite a nice car though..  we had a set of wheels arrive,  that were kerbed and damaged from a Mazda 6 and the request was to polish them.   We were quite surprised on just how good these look once polished.  See for […]

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Vauxhall Astravan wheels powder coated sparkle silver

These Vauxhall wheels arrived in great condition, however, they had a few imperfections and marks on them and the owner wanted them refreshed as new, so we stripped the original finish off them and powder coated them in a similar sparkle silver to which they were, originally.

As you can see from the before picture, they […]

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TSW Flat face wheels refurbished and mirror polished

We had a set of these wheels come in, 19inch, not sure, but i think they were by TSW. The condition was not too bad, they had just dulled and deteriorated over time. The owner wanted these looking fresh again as they let the car down, so we polished them to a mirror finish.

Please see […]

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BMW m3 e46 wheel refurbishment, exchange service

Are your BMW m3 wheels looking worn, letting the car down.  Do you have lacquer peel that they all suffer from?  Well got to this link as we can help:

BMW M3 wheel refurbishment exchange service.

Don’t allow your wheels to bring the value of your car down, whether its for yourself or for sale??  Get it looking how it should, we […]

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