Oz Turbo Split Rim Wheel for a Mk4 VW Polo at Edition 38 show 2010

Past Work, Wheels on September 24th, 2010 1 Comment

Here is a blog long over due, a few months bak just as show season was starting, we were contact by Ryan who was the proud owner of his Vw Polo, running a set of Oz turbo split rim wheels.  Two of the wheels had kerb damage, one was bent, so the arrangement was to repair the two dishes, then polish them, and strip the red centres and finish them also to a mirror finish.  Thats right the wheels were originally being ran by Ryan with red centres.  The wheels were finished as agreed and we spotted the car at the Edition 38 show.

We will let the pictures tell the story .. : )

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Porsche Artec 2 piece split rims for Vw Golf mk3 VR6

Past Work, Wheels on September 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

Once in a while we come across a car from the past.  When T contacted us about his artec split rim wheels, he did explain which car it was, but i couldn’t picture it.  Then when the wheels arrived, i knew there was only one car that had wheels like this in the UK, so straight back on the phone we were having a great conversation discussin where this car had been.

That’s right T and his mk3 VR6 were turning heads at shows 10 yrs ago, not belonging to any particular club, T and his brother Sanj would roll into a show with the Vr and beige Rallye, im sure you will agree this car is a bit of a show stopper.  T wanted to take the car a little further for this years show season, so the job in hand was to split these wheels, strip the centres of the painted finish, and fully polish the dishes and the centres, then rebuild the wheels using the current gold plated bolts.  I must say, i absolutely love these wheels, and the dish on the rears is just amazing!!

For a closer look at this car, it should be on display at the Edition 38 show in Northampton on Sept 4th/5th .  It will be on the dubclub stand along side may other of our customers cars.

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BMW M6 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

Past Work, Wheels on September 1st, 2010 2 Comments

Recently we just had a set of BMW M6 alloy wheels, the twin 5 spoke variety.

They were kerbed and had lacquer lifted on them, the finish required was a polished face, unfortunately we can’t find the before pictures, but this how they look now, how all M6 wheels should look.  ; )

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Ace Cafe event organised by Dubclub, Westside and Euroville

News on August 26th, 2010 No Comments

The 23rd of August was buzzing with people talking about an organised car meet held at the famous Ace Cafe in London.  The meet was organised by 3 car clubs from the VW scene under the names of, WestsideVW, Euroville and Dubclub.

Dubclub organiser Tony, arranged a convoy from Coventry to Ace Cafe, and it was an interesting drive up, once we arrived at the show, there was nice german machinery every where, not just VWs. Euroville and Westside had done an excellent job of organising at the other end and parking every one up.

The turn out was great, as was the atmosphere, we mananged to get a few pictures of some personal favourites along the way so enjoy!!  Don’t miss out on Nov 13th at Ace Cafe, another ones sponsored by ourselves, it’s going to be a big one!!

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Porsche Twist split rim wheel polished and powdercoated for VW Golf Mk3

News, PureKLAS Cars on August 17th, 2010 2 Comments

We had a set of 2 piece Posrsche split rims arrive, which were to be fitted to a Vw Golf Mk3 Vr6.

One of the dishes of the wheels damaged quite a bit, where as the rest had the usualy kerb damage.  The centres were in the standard factory silver, the request was to change the colour of these for a black.  We recommended our sparkle black as we had a feeling it would look sharp on these wheels.  So the wheels were split, bolts removed and cleaned, bent dish was heated and repaired, and then the 4 lips were polished.  Meanwhile, one of the centres had a chip in it, so that was repaired, then they were stripped and blasted, ready from powder coat.  The colour was then applied to them and lacquered, the wheels were then rebuilt ready for some show stopping !!

Take a look for yourselves:

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Offers, Blogs, and Empi’s

News on July 1st, 2010 No Comments

Hi everyone

Been a while since i’ve had a chance to post here, it should be getting busy in here soon, with lots to read, so keep an eye out for it.  Many have you may have seen our 2 piece split rims offer for May , which we had extended over June.  Well now you email us and tell us what you would like to see as an offer, we will consider all suggestions.

We have just been busy with wheels and other things behind the scenes, and have alot of cars and blogs to catch up with, so keep popping back for updates,  below is a set of empis that were not too bad, allready polished, but the weather had its way with them, so they were in need of a freshening up.

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Something different. VW Golf MK3 BBS wheels

News, Wheels on June 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Earlier this year, we had a customer contact us with some Mk3 Golf Bbs wheels.  He had seen the BBs Ra’s we had polished once previously, so wanted the same with his wheels.  The wheels has already been stripped previously of all paint as the owner had started polishing them, himself.  After discussing what he wanted done, it was nice to see someone trying something different again, so we proceeded to polished top of the spokes and lips of the wheels.

This finish really transforms this particular BBS wheel, and we are pleased to have been given the opportunity to do a set.

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Honda S2000 Jap Advan wheels refurb in Sparkle Black.

News on May 31st, 2010 No Comments

Tom arrived with his Matt black Advan wheels which he wanted to fit to his Honda S2000.  The paint had all flaked with a little kerbing too, he wanted them in a bronze, then after some debating we decided to go for white, until i showed him our sparkle black.  He agreed that this would work well on his silver car, so the decision was made to do them in Sparkle black.

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Forsale BMW M3 wheels

For Sale on May 23rd, 2010 4 Comments

Here forsale we have a aset of BMW M3 wheels off and e46.

I think they are replica wheels however they still have wider rears.

The size is 8 x 19 for the 2 fronts, offset is et 35

Rears are 9.5 x 19 , offset is et 27

Wheels have had all kerbing removed, lacquer removed from faces and faces mirror polished.

Make your BMW stand out this summer with these amazing wheels, you really have to see the reflection, to appreciate the finish. its blinding!!

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How to look after Polished Wheels ??

Aftercare on May 21st, 2010 2 Comments

Aftercare for Mirror Polished Components

Ever wondered how to keep that polished metal looking good all year round?  Tired of running 2 sets of wheels per year, one for summer and one for winter?  This is the easiest and most effective way of looking after polished metal, we have tried and tested.

Just had your alloy wheels mirror polished?  First of all you want to give them a good polish by hand with a metal polish that you can work with well. ( This removes all the excess compound and metal dust).  Once you’re happy with them, you want to seal them using a good sealent.  Jetseal 109 by Chemical guys and Poor boys wheel sealent are both good products for the job.

How to apply wheel sealent?  (poorboys used)

With poorboys wheel sealent we found best results by applying the sealent sparingly with a soft cloth across the wheel, let it mature for 20 mins and then buff it off with a clean soft cloth.  Again a second layer is applied, this time this is left over night, so roughly 12 hours, before it is buffed off using a soft clean cloth.  The third layer is then applied, and left for 20 mins, before being buffed off.  On the final application, the cloth should be slipping off the wheel, then you know, they have sealed well.

Jetseal 109 however can be applied and wiped off pretty much straight after and this will seal the wheels, it’s incredibly durable and so easy to use, we recommend applying the sealent every 2 to 3 months.  You can buy your Jetseal here :

Chemical Guys – Jetseal 109

Maintaining Polished Alloy

After testing many different methods of maintaining the finish, for wheels and items which are exposed to the weather, it is recommended to keep a dry clean micro fibre cloth in the car.  Each time you finish with the vehicle for the day, then wipe the wheel down with the cloth to remove any dust from the wheels.  If the wheels are wet, dry them when you get an opportunity ( on a dry day ( if we’re lucky) ).  Wiping all four wheels should take roughly 2 mins for all 4.  Which I’m sure you will agree is not along time in a 24 hr day.

This time you put in dusting down, or drying the wheels saves time later as you will not have to use metal polish on them very often this way, as the wheels always stay clean.  You will also not have to wash the wheels, which is another bonus.  Water on the polished surface over time, makes them misty, which calls for some metal polish.  So if you can keep them dry, no need to polish them.

If water must be used for washing the wheels, then use a normal car shampoo, do not use any acidic wheel cleaners, if you are unsure about a particular wheel cleaner, then don’t use it.

Avoid having the wheels or car washed at a general car wash.

With our test running polished wheels for 12 months, by following the above process we only needed to use metal polish on them once every 3 months.

If you stick to the advice above you will only need to polish your wheels occasionally to bring back the shine.

The best product to work with is the product that suits you best, each person works differently and have certain preferences that they are looking for, from a product.

For a good shine Peek metal polish, Meguairs metal polish, and Mothers metal polish are all good products.  If the metal seems to have lost a lot of shine and has a lot of stubborn marks on it, then the best product to remove the marks we tested is Brasso Wadding, then to get the shine back, we would recommend Alu Magic.  Alu Magic is a great product which we have been using for many years.  Get a bottle of it yourself and tell us what you think.

Alu Magic

Please remember when you are polishing, you’re polishing metal and not lacquer, so polish with some force behind it, and buff off like you would when polishing your shoes.  Hope this has been helpful.

For further questions, feel free to ask either here, or search for Pureklas on facebook.

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