These Volks wheels were for a Toyota Mr2, they had a smaller bolts size that the norm, and once we got them split, we inspected the wheels.  The dishes were kerb damaged and the centres were in a white, with the ring that sits behind the centre done in a blue by a previous owner.  The plan for these was mirror polished lips, and centre nuts.  The owner was undecided on the colour of the centres, but then settled for sparkle black.  We polished the lips to a mirror finish and cleaned the rear of the barrel ups, polished the centre nuts too.  In the mean time the centres had been stripped and blasted, so we then powder coated them in sparkle black and lacquered them.

Now as the bolts are a size smaller than the norm, they are not easily available, especially as we decided to go for anodised black to compliment the centre of the wheel.  They work quite well together.

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