We had a gentleman come to us with some Mercedes 3 piece AMG split rims he had bought for a project 560 SEC.  Unfortunately, he had an identical set which was stolen just weeks earlier, so he managed to locate this set, which was in quite a tired state.  The centres were black and worn, dishes were oxidised, kerbed with a few slight bends too.   We were given a picture of his previous set, so we were clear as to what colour and look he was looking for.  It was to be silver centres, and barrels, with polished lips.

We split the wheels first, in to the 3 sections, then proceed with stripping and blasting the centres and rear barrels to repowdercoat them in silver and polish the dishes to a mirror finish, the bolts were replaced with new chrome plated bolts, and lock nuts.  They were then rebuit and sealed.

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