Chrome powder coating wheels

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We have have had a number of people asking what our chrome powder coat looks like, does it look like chrome plate, does it look like polished metal, is it just like a steel grey like other companies offer.   So we thought we would explain and display our chrome powder coat finish for every one to see, in an FAQ format.

Is the chrome powder coat the same finish as chrome plating?

The finish of the chrome powdercoat is not the same as chrome plating, it doesnt have the same shine once lacquered.

Is the chrome powder coat as shiney as mirror polished?

The finish is just slighlty off mirror polished, it is as bright as mirror polished, but just not as reflective.

How durable is the chrome powder coat?

It is as durable as any other colour powder coat, so can be cleaned in exactly the same way.

Can you chrome powder coat any wheel?

We can chrome powder coat any wheel, or any item of metal.

I have a show car and want a chrome plated finish, could you mimic this with chrome powder coat?

If you are after a full on chrome plate look, we can achieve this by chrome powder coating the wheel and leaving it un lacquered.

However, as it is not lacquered, its not been bonded, so there is no guarantee on how long it may last, it could be hours, weeks, or years.

If the wheels you have are just show wheels and its just the centres on split rims etc you wanted done in this finish, then they could last quite some time. We have done a few Bbs wheels in this way.

Please see pictures below of chrome powder coat examples.

All the pictures shows our chrome powder coat with lacquer, how ever the BBS centre rings show what the chrome powder coat finish is like, with out the lacquer. Vert similar to chrome plating.   Please double click on the images to enlarge them.



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17 Responses to “Chrome powder coating wheels”

  1. Rob clements says:

    How much would it be to chrome powder coat 4 16″ bbs alloys off a 2002 golf gti? Also I live near Glasgow is this an issue? Where are u located? Cheers

  2. DJ says:

    Just wanna say a big thanks to Dav for Chrome powdercoating my BBS center plates…
    The finish is outstanding and matches the polished alloy finish on my RS’s perfectly.
    Quick turnaround and excellent price, Il recommend PureKlas to anyone looking for a quality job.
    Nice one

  3. PureKlas says:

    Hello Rob, i have sent you an email sir.

    Dj thanks for your kind words.

  4. Dean says:

    Is it possible to chrome powder coat spoked motorcycle wheel, for example off an 1950′s vintage motorcycle?

  5. Dom says:

    Hi there
    Got a question, how much to chrome 4x 14” bbs alloys off my golf mk3. Where r u based, Im from south London

  6. Amos Goldsmith says:

    After a price to chrome powder coat two motor cycle wheels both 18 inch
    Also a couple of other parts which I will have to send photos .
    If you could let me know a ball park price for the wheels then I’ll have an idea



  7. Kayes says:

    Hi guys,
    just wanted to know how much it would cost to get a set of 4 17 inch mercedes amg aero chromed, these are originally of a mercedes w124 e500, ur help will be greatly appreciated.

    i live in east london

    kind regards


  8. PureKlas says:

    It will be £280 for the set of 4 sir.

  9. PureKlas says:


    Motorbike wheels will be £70 per wheel sir.

  10. PureKlas says:

    Chrome plate or chrome powder coat Dom?

  11. PureKlas says:

    Sure can!!

  12. Paul Worthington says:

    How much to chrome powder coat 4 19″ wheels. Wheels are new in boxes and never fitted to a car of had tyres on.

  13. PureKlas says:

    £280 for the 4 my friend.

  14. Daves motors says:

    Hi how much to chrome coat a v12 engine block? Thanks

  15. PureKlas says:

    Hello Luke

    Could you send us some imaged to,

    thanks Dav

  16. john says:

    Is it only alloys you powdercoat

  17. PureKlas says:

    We can powder coat anything my friend

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