Porsche 356 replica restoration

We recently had a local company contact us about a project they are working on for a customer.  It is a lovely black Porsche 356 replica, however the wheels were in a very bad way, and the chrome sections on the car had blistered and contained surface rust, so we had our work cut out […]

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Mercedes Carlsson wheels Refurbished

Last time i was over at Chris’s i came back with a couple of sets of wheels, one set will be revealed later this year.  The other set was some Carlsson wheels that he had picked up. The paint was flaking in some areas with a little kerbing too, but the wheels were pretty straight.  […]

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Porsche 911 Strosek wheels for an Audi TT

We were provided with these strosek wheels by a regular customer, and well i just wanted to hang on to them.  Such a lovely wheel, designed as an aftermarket wheel for Porsche by Strosek.  It is a very odd, 2 piece split rim, yes it is actually a split rim.  The bolts are cleverly fitted […]

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Harley Davidson Motorbike wheels mirror polished

Here at Pureklas it’s not just car components and wheels we take on, we will work with anything that can be polished, chrome plated or powder coated, and any type of vehicle too.  Motorbikes are one of our specialties too, we had a beautiful set of alloy wheels come in for polishing, off a Harley […]

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ATS Cups fully refurbished for VW Caddy

Last week, we had a set of ATS cups come in.  This wheel is widely known as an old skool classic, preferred by VW owners, and is seen on many VW Golf Mk1 and 2s.  We were given one new wheel, which was totally spotless, in standard diamond turned finish, and the other 3 had […]

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