Wheel Polishing Offer ends 31st July 2011

The offer we had running on the diamond turned wheels is coming to an end on the 31st of July, so get booked in before that date to take advantage.

Here is the original offer

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BMW M3 e46 wheel refurbishment, mirror polished.

Every one loves the standard BMW M3 e46 wheels, and we must admit, they really do suit the car, however, the diamond cut finish just doesn’t do the wheels justice, that is why we took another set, off a customer who had a set done earlier, and polished them to a mirror finish.  He was […]

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Audi A3 on S5 wheels refurbished in Gunmetal

A good friend and customer Chris came to me for something different on his Audi S5 wheels, the plan was to have them powder coated.  Initial idea was black as they were just going to be his winter wheels, as we had just finished a set of speedline split rims for him in gloss black […]

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Mercedes Amg Split rim wheels refurbished

Here is a set of 2 piece split rims we refurbished recently, they are finished with sparkle silver centres and mirror polished dishes.

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Audi A8 wheels on an A3, faces mirror polished.

We recently had some 20 inch Audi a8 wheels come in for polishing.  The plan was to either polish the whole wheel or just the faces of the spokes.  As the painted sections were not too bad, the decision was made to have the faces polished off the spokes, which were already in a diamond […]

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BBS RX Polished for Seat Ibiza

We had a customer send us some BBS RX wheels.  Alex was sure he wanted the faces of the wheels polished, leaving the rest of the wheel in its original dark gunmetal paint finish.  Personally, we thought it might not work as there was no definate line to polish upto, however Alex was sure what […]

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Porsche Twists refurbished for Vw Bora

A good friend of mine and regular customer was intouch recently for a job on his new wheels.  Bally had managed to find some Porsche twists for his daily driver.  The car is slammed, like all his cars, and this is no different.  The wheels were kerbed and damaged, some were quite severe.  Three of […]

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Mercedes AMG 2 piece split rim refurbishment

These AMG wheel came to us, they had already been refurbised, but some one thought it would be a good idea to paint the lips, ( that look is sooo wrong on split rims ), so we split the 4 wheels, however one of the bolts was just bonded on by the previous refurbisher.  Once […]

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BBS LM Split Rims for BMW M Coupe

We recently had some extremely wide BBS LMs booked in.  They were showing there age, with the usual lacquer peel, some kerb damage, the finish was quite dull, and the standard silver centres were also looking like they could do with a freshen up.

The owner wanted something different from standard, however , did not want […]

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Advan split rim alloy wheel refurbishment

Advans are quite a popular aftermarket wheel for japanese motors, and we had a set arrive that had seen much better days.  The dishes on these wheels were seriously kerbed, the lacquer had lifted, and there was totally no shine left to them.  The centre were just as bad, the paint had lifted, blistered and […]

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