Pureklas Competition

We would just like to thank everyone who took the time out to enter the competition for the wheel refurbishment or the polished audi wheels.  The winner has now been picked and will be notified shortly, so keep an eye on those emails and that phone  ; )

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Porsche Eta Krone Split rims refurbished

This particular set of wheels had its dishes refurbished and polished by ourselves previously, the wheels had now changed hands and the new owner decided to just run them as they were through all weathers, and with the snow and pot holes we had, it wasn’t the ideal wheel to be running in such conditions.  […]

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Alloy Wheel Dishes polished for Mk1 Golf Show Car

Had some dishes delivered by Greg Howell from Southam Bodies, the creator of some fine show cars.  These were for his own project, a Mk1 Golf with tdi lump, which he was aiming to have ready for the Ultimate Dubs show, in Telford.  He had a little special request, that they be polished over the […]

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Volkswagen Castellets, classic wheel

Its always nice to see original old skool wheels, its been along time since we seen some polished vw castellets.  Pete appeared with his wheels which were showing the signs of age, they had black painted centres with polished dishes, which were not looking too healthy.  The plan was to strip the wheels of their […]

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Don’t you just love pot holes?

With the state of our roads lately, we have been taking on alot of repairs, and one very square looking pair of wheels made by Lenso were given to us, to see if we could salvage them for a Honda Civic ..

Both wheels had a two kinks, and a very square edge to the other […]

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Audi RS6 replica wheels powder coated black for VW Passat

Rob came to us with his Audi RS6 reps that he wanted to put on to his passat, but wanted to go for a darker colour to contrast with colour of the wagon, so he opted for a gloss black.  One of the wheels had a slight bend in the inner lip, so that was […]

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Ultimate Dubs 2010 car show

Been a bit slow on the old blogs, with this show around the corner, and it should be a good one.  Look out for me there, i’ll be running around handing out cards, so pop over and say “Hi”.

See you all there !!

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Dubfreeze, VW Passat on Air Ride takes 2nd place.

If you are keeping up with our blogs, you may remember a set of Mercedes Carlsson wheels that we refurbished recently.  Well they have found their way on to a lovely VW Passat Wagon, sitting on air ride.  Last weekend was the cars first show on the new wheels, coming in second place at Dubfreeze.  […]

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Jaguar XJ6 X350 alloy wheel refurbishment

Recently had the pleasure of refurbishing these lovely Jaguar wheels for a very nice gentleman.  Mel contacted us, and from the offset sounded very enthusiatic about his car, and its condition, but he wanted something else to set it off.  As a result, he asked us to polish his all ready mint set of wheels […]

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The perfect Mk2 Golf? PVW magazine March 2010 issue, buy it now!!

The new Performance VW magazine is out in the shops and what a corker, some lovely cars featured .. on the front cover is Russ Whitefields Mk2 gold on carbs .. If you like Mk2s then you just have to go buy this magazine, Russ is a real perfectionist, and we are proud to have […]

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