New prestige alloy wheel refurbishment service

We would like to introduce our new prestige wheel refurbishment sservice; we now offer a mobile wheel refurbishment service to meet the individual needs of our customers. We understand that it’s not always easy for you to send us your wheels; time constraints and even the storage of your vehicle without wheels can be a […]

BMW e46 M3 wheels refurbished and mirror polished

If you followed the last blog with the e36 m3 wheels you will know a little about these e46 m3 wheels. also bought down by Harry and V, these were kerbed and the lacquer was flaking, so the decision was to have them Mirror polished.  We there for stripped the lacquer from the face, and […]

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Saving on your Car Insurance

Insuring your vehicle can be an expensive process, especially with premiums on the rise as insurance companies fight against the ever increasing number of fraudulent claims. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your insurance so that you end up with a policy that will […]

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How to look after Polished Wheels ??

Aftercare for Mirror Polished Components

Ever wondered how to keep that polished metal looking good all year round?  Tired of running 2 sets of wheels per year, one for summer and one for winter?  This is the easiest and most effective way of looking after polished metal, we have tried and tested.

Just had your […]

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Preferred Products for aftercare of Polished Components and wheels

We get this question quite frequently.. what is the best product to use on polished wheels or components.

With metal polish it depends what you feel comfortable working with as some are more difficult than others to remove, so i have just compiled a quick list of what we have worked with and would say, its […]

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